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Why We Need Your Support

Leaving a legacy will allow future generations to enjoy our precious and unique heritage

How legacy gifts help PRT

We are always looking ahead. To know that we can rely on gifts in the future is an incredible gift in itself. Since PRT began in 1996, we have regenerated some of the most challenging and impressive sites in the country. Our projects have attracted over £100m investment, restored over 1m sq ft of redundant historic floor space and directly created over a 1,000 jobs.

We want to continue to give old buildings new lives for years to come, returning them to their communities and helping those places to thrive once more. Knowing that we can rely on your support in the future gives us security and sustainability, it allows us to plan better, and therefore it strengthens our ability to do what we do best.


What Next?

Leaving a gift in your Will to PRT needn’t be daunting. Whether you intend to write a Will for the first time, or wish to make an amendment to an existing Will, we always recommend speaking to a professional solicitor in the first instance. However, we are also here to help if you need some initial help and advice, or perhaps just want to talk through your wishes. Please contact Mark Webb at or call 020 7613 8500.

If you are planning to leave a gift to PRT, please consider notifying us. You are under no obligation to tell us, and of course you may change your mind if circumstances change, but nevertheless the knowled ge that you are planning to leave a legacy to PRT is very helpful to us.


Useful Links

Giving to PRT in your Will is not only an incredible support to us, but it can also help to reducethe amount of inheritance tax that must be paid on your estate, leaving more to your loved ones. Again we are happy to advise you, but you may find the following links helpful

Understanding Inheritance Tax